World Map "SnowQueen"

$2 250
  • World Map with LED lighting (english or russian)
  • Dimensions: 2050 mm* 1220 mm
  • Material: "Anigre" 20 mm solid wood
  • Basis: 6 mm Organic glass
  • Wood covering: tinted Biofa oil
  • Quantity of wooden elements: 148 pieces
  • Text: UV printing   
* Installation of the map needs preliminary preparation of the wall

   The template for installation is applied to each map.
A birch plywood box is included in the price of the map. It is possible to make an individual engraving on a cover of the box

Production time depends on the load of the workshop
* For installation of the world map it is necessary to buy a lowering transformer of 150 W of DC 12v and a dimmer (not included in the map price-need to buy additionally). The transformer is usually installed in an electropanel board case, but it is possible to place it in any readily available place. Further the dimmer is installed, and a wire with section not less than 2*0.5 mm2 is laid from it. to places of connection to the world map. You need 6 wire termination places from the wall.
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