My World Map

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  • World map
  • Dimensions: 2050 mm*1220 mm
  • Material: 20 mm solid wood beech
  • Basis: 7 mm birch plywood 
  • Tree covering: without covering
  • Quantity of wooden elements: 176 pieces
  • Fixture: 436 self-tapping screws
  • Text: without text

   The template for installation is applied to each map.
A birch plywood box is included in the price of the map. It is possible to make an individual engraving on a cover of the box

Production time depends on the load of the workshop
"My Map" is your chance to paint the world as you see it. How are you going to do it -  alone, with friends or with all your family? The decision is all yours.
    Are you ready? Get some paints, brushes and markers!
To be more creative you might need: colored pencils, brushes, watercolor or acrylic paints, pieces of chalk or pastel. Also you can use markers, ball or capillary pens and pencils.
To assemble the Map you will need a cross screw-driver
There are two boxes. In one there are bases from plywood (5 pieces) and in the other there are all countries and a set of self-tapping screws.
 Have all the things ready? Then let's get down to work!
1. Take one of the five map bases and pick up all the countries which go with it.
2. Choose a  color scale to the countries and paint each country separately. You can use more than one colour for each country.
    Remember that it is your world! You are free to create as you wish.
3. Leave the countries to dry out.
4. Write the names of the countries with pens or markers.
5. Assemble all ready countries on a plywood basis and fasten them with self-tapping screws from the reverse side of the Map.

    Enjoy the magic trip to the world you create!

    Oksana, Maxim and all team "Moya Bukva"
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