Map of Israel Map of Israel Map of Israel

Map of Israel

Overal dimensions: 215 mm*526 mm

The breeds of a tree: birch, cat, wenge, American nut and others.
Acylic, painted on the back side 18 mm.

Tree thickness the 20-25 mm.

Map basis from acrylic glass 5 mm. 

We pack our World map into a box from birch plywood that ensures the maximum safety when transporting on any distances.

On the roof of the box we can make an individual engraving.

The cardboard template for installation, with the specified fixing openings and the step-by-step instruction for installation is applied to each map

Specify the term of production, depends on load of a workshop.
Replacement of breeds of a tree, production of the map from one species of a tree, additional drawing names of geographical objects (the cities, the seas, the rivers) at the request of the customer perhaps that attracts the change in price from 10%.
Overall dimensions of the map can be increased that attracts change of cost of the map.
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