Wooden World Map Puzzles

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  • World map
  • Dimensions: 2050 mm*1220 mm
  • Material: 20 mm solid wood beech 
  • Basis: 21 mm birch plywood. Light blue color or Gray
  • Tree covering: Biofa oil
  • Quantity of wooden elements: 173 pieces
  • Text: laser engraving

   The template for installation is applied to each map.
A birch plywood box is included in the price of the map. It is possible to make an individual engraving on a cover of the box

Production time depends on the load of the workshop

The Map puzzles – the unique object of an interior decorating and training at the same time. Advantage of this card in her interactivity: You and your children can remove and study all map fragments, learning the sizes and forms of borders of the states, tracing the drawing of the rivers from the mouth to the sea, proportioning territories of the countries and continents.
Through tactile feelings your children can come to fundamentals of geography, study Russian or English. Our card can become the exercise machine of small motility.

All 173 parts of the map (the country, the states, islands and administrative divisions) are presented in the form of separate parts and it is possible to remove them from a basis independently.
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